Get to know the cards Baccarat according to the dragon

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Get to know the cards Baccarat according to UFABET the dragon.

Within the baccarat card game, there will be a form of card layout that looks according to the statistics within the game. It is a statistic of the results of the cards in each round that in the live game will be specified in the room. The baccarat card layout within the statistical table will come in a variety of formats. Baccarat according to the dragon It is also one of the popular card layouts. 

There is also a table tennis card layout, a cutter layout, a stick layout. And a variety of cards that can use to help players increase their profits from playing baccarat. Because these card layouts are more easily interpreted into different techniques or formulas. so Baccarat according to the dragon. Therefore, it is consider a card that is beneficial to the players as well. Especially if you can see it and be able to calculate accurately as well. Making money with the game of Baccarat is easy as well.

Includes various card layout patterns in online baccarat.

  1. Baccarat according to the dragon
    for the deck Baccarat according to the dragon. That is consider to looking at the card layout. That is quite easy, not difficult, so it is very popular among new gamblers. It starts by looking at the statistics of the card results from the first round to the current round. If in the current round the cards drawn more than 3 consecutive times. That means you are encountering a dragon card. Therefore, you continue to bet on the duplicates. For example, if you see a dragon card happen to the Player or Player’s side more than 3 times in a row, the next time you bet on Player until the card changes to Banker again, then you stop playing a few turns to see the statistics of the next baccarat result.
  2. Ping Pong The Ping Pong
    layout is the opposite of the Ping Pong layout. Baccarat according to the dragon completely because of the form of the card layout is the alternating output of both sides Therefore, if you find cards that issue statistics on the Player’s side or Player and Banker’s side or Banker. That have issue alternately – more than 3 times. The next turn you will immediately switch to, for example, if the previous card came out as Player. Banker Player more than 3 times in a row, next round you bet on Banker immediately and keep doing this until the cards start turning face again. When the cards start to change to a new face, you stop looking at the results of the cards for 2-3 eyes and then bet according to the new statistics again.
  3. Cutter
    For the cutout card there are 2 forms, which are 2 consecutive draws and 3 consecutive draws. For example, if the Player issue 2 times in a row and Banker comes to cut 1 time and returns to the Player. 2 more times. That means that it 2 cut card layout. The 3 cut card layout is a Player 3 times and a Banker to cut 1 time and then go back to a Player 3 times in a row, etc. If you see a card like this to place bets according to the format
  4. Stick
    figure: Sticky card layout is to draw 2 consecutive results on each side, for example, the statistics come out as Player Player Banker Banker and then come back to become Player Player Banker Banker like this and so on. It will become a stick figure immediately.